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Sandy Toes & Beach Parties

Over the last year, many a Top Ender has missed hitting the beach clubs of Bali, sipping on chilled bevs to the sounds of house music as the sun slides into the ocean.

But an exciting collab between Darwin Trailer Boat Club (DTBC) and The Trader Bar is set to scratch that beach club itch. And it’s not just a one-off, with four huge Beach Parties rolling out through the Dry.

DTBC’s Admin & Events Manager Nicola Bell says the collaboration will draw in a younger audience.

“It’s just a different crowd we’re looking to entice back to the club. Trader Bar has that younger 18 to mid-30s crowd we want to tap into, so teaming up for the beach party events really works,” she says.

“Pip [Trader Bar] brings the style and aesthetic, books the DJs, and really brings the appeal for this demographic to the table. We offer the space, build the beach bar, provide staff and liaise with partners to offer exciting drink options, such as margaritas and mojitos.”

The parties generally roll out over three chapters. The first stint appeals to those looking to get dolled up and enjoy some cocktails in the afternoon, and the second stage is for relaxed beats during golden hour. But after the sun sets, the third exciting stage kicks in with party‘o’clock late into the night.

After teaming up for the hugely successful Welcome to the Dry and Kiss Goodbye to the Dry parties in the past, both DTBC and Trader Bar recognised the potential in delivering multiple events.

“We just thought, ‘why don’t we do four?’ This year is set to be one of the busiest Dries on record with the amount of tourists and locals here, and there aren’t really many other places to have a beach party, so why not?”

Round up your crew and get ready to sink your toes into the sand for the first exciting beach party of the Dry, as local DJs Pete Stone, Planet Dale and DJ Uri grace the decks.

Dry Season Beach Party #1

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