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Lord of the Flies

Savagery and civilisation are at odds in a dark and classic tale that kicks off Corrugated Iron’s 2019 Performance Program.

During a time of civil war, a plane carrying a group of students is shot down over the Pacific. 

In the iconic tale, Lord of the Flies, the pilot of the plane is killed but many of the young people survive and find themselves deserted on an uninhabited island. 

Alone, without adult supervision, dark impulses take over and the rules of civilisation collapse.

Director Kate Kelly says despite the William Golding novel being written in the 1950s, the story still resonates with young people today.

“First and foremost it is about young people and it’s a challenging and confronting text about young people and that’s really rare,” she says.

“It’s not a magical fairytale - it’s gory and gruesome and there are really disgusting elements and the young people I work with love dealing with those issues.

“The themes around savagery versus civilisation, and breaking through barriers and adolescents trying to be independent - they’re still very relatable.”

The original text has been adapted to a modern context for the Corrugated Iron performance.

“We’ve changed it to be more Australian and contemporary to make it more relatable to today’s audience,” Kelly says.

“The biggest difference nowadays is if kids were stranded on an island they’d have their phones, so I’ve had to insert a line about how their phones weren’t working.”

Lord of the Flies Fri 5 Apr - Fri 12 Apr, 7pm | Wed 10 Apr, 10am | Brown's Mart Theatre | $25 | $18 Conc |

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