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Between Tiny Cities | រវាងទីក្រុងតូច - Milingimbi

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Fri 19 Jul 2019 | 7:00pm to 7:40pm

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Workshop, 20 July, 10am


Milingimbi Recreation Centre
Milingimbi, NT

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Take the raw, wild energy of a b*boy battle, add skilful contemporary choreography and improvisation expertly performed by dancers from two different worlds, throw in a good dose of humour and you get Between Tiny Cities rvaangdiikrungtuuc

Dancers Erak Mith, of Phnom Penh, and Aaron Lim, of Darwin, use the rituals, movement styles and language of their shared hip hop culture to reveal the dramatically different worlds that surround them and uncover the choreographic links that unite them.

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Rebecca Renshaw
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