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Sat 01 Feb 2020 | 10:00am to Sat 29 Feb 2020 | 2:00pm

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Opening Sat 1 Feb | Gallery hours: Tue–Fri 10-5pm | Sat 10am-2pm


Salon Project Space
1/3 Vickers St, Parap

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The colour pink surrounds us in the natural Australian environment, sometimes as a soft glow and other times a blazing beam. SALON showcases a spectrum of pink artworks from remote communities Australia wide.

From the dusky Tiwi Island ochres to a dazzling pink Mornington Island sky and rich desert country around Fitzroy Valley. Glints of pink feather, naturally dyed bush string and the pastel pop of Ikuntji Artists' new textiles range will be sure to leave you tickled pink!

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Sara Higgs
08 8941 3935
'Untitled' (detail) by Helena Gabori
'Japirnka' (detail) by Penny K-Lyons
'My Country' (detail) by Amy Loogatha
'My Country' (detail) by Amy Loogatha
'My Country' (detail) by Netta Loogatha
'My Country' (detail) by Dolly Loogatha
'My Country' (detail) by Dolly Loogatha
'Kalturi' (detail) by Dolly Loogatha
'My Country' (detail) by Ethel Thomas
'Thunti' (detail) by Dolly Loogatha
'Dhatam' (detail) by Malaluba Gumana
'Jarridie Waterhole' (detail) by Penny K-Lyons
'Circles' (detail) by Nyapanyapa Yunupiŋu
'Baratjala' (detail) by Noŋgirrŋa Marawili
'Lines' (detail) by Nyapanyapa Yunupiŋu
'Tali Tali' (detail) by Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon
'Watiya Tjuta' (detail) by Mitjili Napurrula
'Pupuni Jilamara' (detail) by Lucinda Puruntatameri
'Untitled' (detail) by Serena Gubuyani
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