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Q&A with Uta Uber Kool Ja

You've heard about the famous celebrity after-parties. Well, get the champagne on ice because Uta is inviting you to hers and it's going to be wild. Off The Leash caught up with Uta ahead of her H Hotel revelries. 

What was it that you're famous for again?
Didn’t you Google me? Actually, wait, don’t do that. I’ve only recently learned how to do that myself and there is a lot out there on the Internet, and it’s not very nice. Let’s just say my career has spanned pop stardom, fashion design, contemporary artistry, punk rock and more lawsuits than I care to remember. All of it though has been fun and fabulous and if anyone says otherwise, I’ll sue them. 

We hear you love a good party. What's more fun – the party or the after-party?
Some people may not know that I am a very spiritual person, a Nudist Buddhist – so I do like to always find myself in the present moment. So the "after party" always seems to hold the key to the future, which I like to dwell in. There is always an after-party after the after-party, after the party. I’m very in “the now”. 

What makes a hostess with the mostess. Any tips for how to get a party from mild to wild?
Definitely one must wear – no, inhabit – an outfit that screams ‘Kaleidoscopic Pheromonic’ (my new fashion line). I have dabbled in quantum physics, so I know a hostess’s fashion statement needs to make her the centre of the party universe if she wants to bring a party from "yawn" to "call the police.” But the number one rule of my parties? “Say yes!”

Hotel or at home – where’s the most fun to have a party?
I have not had a home since 1984 (thanks to all those lawsuits and ex-husbands), so thank goodness for the kind hoteliers worldwide that continually house me and my long suffering manager, George. Luckily, the mini bar has every single food group that someone of my celebrity status needs.  

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