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Growing Up Troppo - November

Reviews, tips and advice for travelling the world with kids

By Libby Larsen

Whether or not accommodation is safe for little kids is a mighty big factor that influences where families choose to stay in Bali.

As a parent of little tykes, who have travelled to Bali many times with our tots in tow, I understand that if your villa, guesthouse or hotel has a pool fence, not only does this mean a safe environment for your youngsters, but chilled-out parents who know their kids can roam around safely, out of harm’s way.

If you’ve been searching the net looking for Bali villas with pool fences, you may have realised that they can be very hard to find.

Although there are more places popping up these days, there is another option that many families might not know about – hiring a temporary pool fence.

You can hire a temporary pool fence in Bali from at least four different companies, who will install them at your villa for you. It’s pretty easy to arrange and, depending on the size of the pool, not that expensive. 

The main contenders seem to be Bali Villa Pool Fence, Bali Baby, Bali Pool Fence Hire and Baby Service Bali.

Bali Pool Fence Hire installs freestanding bamboo pool fences with safety latches. There are some limitations on pools they are able to fence, so they do an inspection to assess the villa and then give you a quote.

Baby Service Bali installs wooden fences with gates that have a magna latch. They also have some limitations on what types of pools they can fence.

Bali Villa Pool Fence (owned by Bali Baby Hire) has temporary pool fencing that meets Australian safety regulations and they use lockable magna latches on the gates. Their fencing is made of strong, lightweight steel and the fencing panels are 1.5m wide and 1.2m high.

They can install pool fences all over Bali – which is handy if you want to try to get off the beaten track or head further afield. 

Costs vary depending on how big the pool is – and therefore how much fencing you need – how long you need it for, and how far they will have to travel to install and remove the fence.

In my experience, not all pool fences are equal in Bali – this includes both permanent and temporary fences. It’s always best to ask how high the fence is, what it’s made of, and about the gate and lock. I doubt that some of the pool fences I have seen would be certified in countries with strict pool fence regulations like Australia.

If you are looking for places to stay with pool fences in Bali, there are lots of places on my blog to take a look at. Type in pool fence in the “search this page” section and you’ll find places to stay with pool fences.

Travel is, and has always been, Libby Larsen's passion and she believes that this shouldn’t stop when you have kids. Libby knows that the best travel advice and tips come from other parents and so she started Growing up Troppo. It has loads of inspiration about hip places to stay, play and eat with kids that, importantly, parents love too.

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