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Clean Living in the Tropics – December

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by Lina Paselli

If you haven’t planned a trip away this December, you may be wondering how to get through the extreme weather and create a merry festive spirit. Here are some tips to enjoy the celebrations and get through the sweaty season with mind, body and soul intact.

What ever you do, make sure there is a pool involved! This provides hours of entertainment for the kids, the adults can cool off, and it makes your Christmas day informal and fun. If you don’t have a pool, suggest Christmas day with someone who does or visit one of the local watering holes if they’re open for swimming – check before you go.

Swap rich and wintery European menus for tropical foods like seafood, colourful salads and frozen mango desserts. Keep your guests refreshed with big jars of cool water and sliced fruit – add some mint or frozen fruit ice cubes for colour. Make your own kombucha and surprise your guests by creating your own tropical flavours – mango, lime and ginger pack an extra punch. 

Make your own Christmas tree – pick up some dry branches from the beach and get creative. You can hang seashells and create a tree that celebrates our landscape and won’t clutter your storage room for the next 11 months.

Wear breathable, organic cotton and use essential oils to create cooling peppermint spritzers and body lotions. Not only will you smell amazing, they’ll give you an instant energy boost when you are feeling over heated and tired. 

Give the gift of experiences rather than toys. A trip to the wildlife park, a day at the wave pool, or a stand-up paddle boarding experience are all fun ideas that keep everyone active, too.

Finally, make everything as simple and stress-free as possible and enjoy the celebration season. If you have over-indulged, take some time out during the following days to revive your body with water, greens, rest and meditation to quiet the mind and find your balance.

Lina Paselli is the joint owner of Clean Living in the Tropics, an online publisher dedicated to championing clean living individuals and businesses in the Top End. Lina is also the co-founder and General Manager of award-winning Malak Marketplace, Darwin’s premier organic, sustainable farmers’ market and eco-tourist destination. She also owns Paleo in the Tropics.


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