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Dead Singer's Dance Society

If you want to dance with somebody, Tracks Dance has channelled some Whitney Houston and has you covered with their new program, Dead Singer’s Dance Society.

By Tamara Howie

Tracks dance animateur Kelly Beneforti says the sessions are all about having a good time dancing to some iconic music from late, great musos.

“It’s a dance space for participants of all dance abilities to learn a really simple routine in four weeks,” she says.

“It’s a unique environment because it’s not dancing together on a dance floor at a party, and it’s not learning in a dance school environment – it’s between those two places where it’s about the joy of dancing with other people in a choreographed way.” 

Last year Beneforti ran a similar program to a medley of music from Prince, and was inspired to celebrate the music of other late singers through dance.

“What worked really well about Prince is that it gave people a connection to what they think might happen, without needing to understand what a dance class is,” she says.

“I’ve found that when you say ‘come along to a dance class’ people can’t visualise what they’re going to do. But if you say ‘come and dance to Prince or David Bowie’, they have an understanding of what’s happening in that space and they have a connection and can visualise themselves dancing to that music.”

The first instalment of the Dead Singer’s Dance Society for 2019 will be a Whitney Houston medley.

“I really wanted to start with a female artist and it’s a really fun, joyful and delightful environment,” Beneforti says.

“Whitney has a lot of ballads, but I’ll be going for the 80s upbeat Whitney.”

Contact Tracks Dance for all the fine details on where to shake your booty to Whitney in March.

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