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Assault Your Ears – November Podcast Review

Welcome to Assault Your Ears, a monthly column dedicated to podcasts.

By Jess Ong.

There’s a lot of sadness, anger and fear in the world these days; interacting with the news has become overwhelming, and the ability to not be affected in one way or another feels pretty impossible.

Enter, Kind World. Short, intimate stories about the profound effect one act can have on our lives. 

Each story is a tender morsel, with episodes sitting between three and nine minutes in length. Perhaps it’s the intensity of the stories or the thoughtful insights you get from people at their most vulnerable, but I have savoured these small snippets. The length works in favour of these bursts of kindness; the stories succinctly and gently capture the precious gesture that altered the trajectory of one’s world. 

Narrating podcasts that have such heavy, personal content isn’t always easy but Kind World’s producer Erica Lantz, deftly guides the listener through while also giving space to the story and its teller.   

Episodes of Kind World pack an impressive punch, and the podcast is a much-needed reminder of why it’s important to be kind, empathetic and generous in all of our interactions.  

Here’s to a kind Build Up!

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Jess Ong works as a Communications Manager in the arts and the private sector, and is also the Creative Producer of local storytelling night, SPUN. She is the host of the SPUN Stories podcast and moonlights in the world of freelance. 

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