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Holiday Reads


My Home in Kakadu
Author: Jane Christophersen | Illustrator: Christine Christophersen

Through the eyes of her granddaughter, Tarrah, respected Bunitj Elder Jane Christophersen reveals the beauty of life in Kakadu and the significance of the changing seasons to those who live there. Striking illustrations show all the elements of daily life as Tarrah goes bush with her family, gathering fruits, fishing and hunting.

Once upon a RockA collection of contemporary Northern Territory writing

This collection of NT writing from the early 1990s is a treasure trove from the past. Enjoy the pathos, humour, drama and adventure in these thoroughly entertaining stories. 

Living in Hope
Author: Frank Byrne with Frances Coughlan and Gerard Waterford

This is the story of the early years of Frank Byrne’s life. The story of a boy who was taken away from his mother and his family forever when he was just six years old. He had no say in it. His family had no say in it.
Summary of Small Things
Author: Carol Adams
Poetic fragments from the journal of an artist, spanning the closing months of a year in a remote desert town. With a new set of bold paints, life unfolds.
Darwin in the Wet
Author: Sue Moffit
This travelogue and guidebook captures the magic of the Wet with beautiful photographs to enhance your journeys and experiences in and around Darwin.
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