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Cyclone Survival Food

Delicious dinners from the debris.

Don’t rush to the supermarket next cyclone season – ditch the baked beans and learn how to create a living cyclone kit.

Inspired by the damage from Tropical Cyclone Marcus, local foodie Emma Lupin is sharing her knowledge for a cyclone survival kit workshop this month.

“People pack their cyclone kit full of bad food – it’s always the same stuff – but there’s all these plants you can hoe into and eat before you start on your tinned stuff,” she says.

“The workshop is all about how you can be creative and imaginative from fruit that has fallen and plants that you’ve planted and grown yourself.”

Lupin will teach participants which fruit and veggies can withstand cyclonic winds, what you can salvage from fallen trees, and how to collect water safely.

“You can grow foods which are really great to harvest when the winds come, a lot of Pacific Islands do this,” she says.

“You’re mainly looking at root veggies like cassava and taro where the top half can completely blow away but you’ve still got the root.

“There’s also a lot of fruits that people think you need to harvest when they’re ripe, but actually you can use them when they’re less than ripe. 

“So we’ll be looking at how you can salvage things that have fallen down in the wind like bananas and jackfruit.”

The hands-on workshop will be run with a post-cyclone set up with just a camp stove and the basic utensils you’d pack in your kit.

There’s also a deeper message rooted in the workshop about society’s reliance on major organisations when a disaster hits.

“People are used to things being provided for them – like power and water and food,” Lupin says.

“Part of the take-home message from this workshop is about learning where all these things come from and how to be self-reliant.”

SUN 15 JUL | 9AM-2.30PM | ACCOMPLICE | $155 |

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