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Flavours From France

FOR YOUR AUTHENTIC FRENCH crêpe fix, there’s really only one place to go in the Top End – well, technically, three – at Mindil Beach Markets, Malak Marketplace and the new Cullen Bay Vibes, to pay the team at La French a visit.

Established in 2016, where the very first crêpe was crafted at Malak Marketplace, the fleet of gorgeous traditional crêpe carts has grown over the past few years from one to three, serving up delicious sweet and savoury crêpes all over town. Owner Anthony Golzio Casa took over the biz in October last year, noting his joy of sharing his culture as influential in his decision. 

“I worked with the previous owner, a friend of mine, on and off since he started in 2016. I really loved it. Being able to represent our culture by serving traditional French crêpes in the marketplace reminded me of when I used to work at the markets in France,” he says.

“When the opportunity to take over came up, I really wanted to do it. My dream is to take it nationally, to share our culture with the rest of the country through produce centres, not just markets.”

And with a menu like theirs, a national takeover is entirely possible, with sweet and savoury options causing salivation just by reading the ingredients. La Chevré consists of the finest goat’s cheese (holla to the Meredith Dairy mob!), oven-roasted chicken, shredded cheese, sliced tomato and cracked pepper, whilst the Moulin Rouge is piled with sugar-marinated strawberries, sliced bananas, Nutella and Chantilly cream. Is your mouth watering?

Carts are also available for hire for private functions such as birthdays and weddings, and Golzio Casa says everyone can be catered for.

“If you have any food allergies, we can work with you to make sure everyone gets something to eat. We are very proud of our food and culture, and demonstrate this through our quality, ethic and professionalism. We really love being able to share the flavours of France with the Top End,” Golzio Casa says.

If you’re on the fang for an authentic French foodie fix, visit La French. Oui, oui!

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets Every Thu & Sun | 4-9pm
Malak Marketplace Every Sat | 4-9pm
Cullen Bay Vibes Every Sun | 5.30-9pm

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