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Throw Whitesnake, Van Halen, Poison, Guns 'n' Roses and a bunch of other 80s bands into a blender, add too much hairspray and tight spandex... and you have HäirFørce! 

The European rockers turned the Brown’s Mart Courtyard into a pulsating arena of sweaty goodness in May… but who are they really? MusicNT chats to drummer Krash Jaxxon and bassist Sebastian di Mayo to learn more.

Tell us the story of HäirFørce…

Krash: Sorry for ze broken English! We all coming from Europe, all from different countries there. 1980s rock is big in Europe and we one of biggest bands.

Sebastian: Some people regretting ze 1980s, but not us! If we could go back we not change a thing, so we do not change. 

Krash: Only thing we would change about 1980s is make decade go longer.

Sebastian: 1980s have best synthesizers, biggest drums, most widdly diddly guitar, so we stay that way... as true rock intended to be.

How would you describe your music? Where do the songs come from?

Sebastian: We play 80s style rock. With 80s style hair. This is winning formula! Our music is like soundtrack to big rock party with no clothes and crazy times.

Krash: Songs come from gut feeling, deep inside. Next to bowel. But also close to heart. 

Why does a huge world-famous band like HäirFørce play shows in little old Darwin?

Krash: Our manager say humidity level in Top End of Australia good for our hair styling, so it was, how you say in English... no brainer! 

Sebastian: Also, we are told women of Top End very much liking ze real man hairy style of band like us.

How did the HäirFørce Advance Australia Hair Tour go?

Krash: Our Darwin performance was best show we have ever played. You sure knowing how to rock! We see crowd screaming lyrics back to us first time they hear our songs, it most satisfying.

Sebastian: We are wanting to have second coming, if you will have us again.

When can we see HäirFørce again?

Krash: We pleased to announcing HäirFørce will play Railway Club in Parrot on August 2!

Sebastian: Parrot? That is big bird, no? I thinking you mean Parap.

Krash: Parap? That is place name? Aussies really do speak funny!


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