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Q&A with Liz Stringer

Melbourne Singer-songwriter Liz Stringer returns to Darwin this September, bringing her soulful country rock to the Railway Club.

Interview with Chelsea Heaney.

Following her recent album launch, Stringer has been touring extensively across Australia this year and is currently doing the rounds in Canada. All The Bridges is her fifth full-length offering and was recorded in Oregon with lauded producer Adam Selzer. Stringer recently took some time out from her crazy schedule to chat with Off The Leash about her new album and life on the road.

What was the recording process for this album like?
I had such a great time recording this album. It was really fast and efficient and felt very fluid and easy. Working with Adam Selzer was very natural. We were on the same page about most things and he had really solid ideas and was a great influence on the way the record sounds. I tracked for two days with Ben and Luke, the local rhythm section that Adam brought on for the album, and then I spent the next six days tracking guitars, vocals and some keys with Adam. It was a joy. 

You're currently overseas at the moment and travelling all over the place – what has touring been like?
This Canadian tour has been pretty epic. Two months, covering a lot of ground. I’ve had some great experiences and am enjoying being in Canada more and more. It’s a great place to tour and the music community is incredibly supportive and vital. 

Where do you get the stories for your songs?  What events or things inspire you? 
People and their stories are my inspiration – just the everyday, common experiences that connect us as humans. Everyone has a story. Even if they don’t think it’s an interesting one, it always is. It’s the minutiae of life that interests me, the little details.  

Who are your favourite musicians and albums?  
I love a lot of different artists. I’ve just been listening to the new Kendrick Lamar album actually, and it’s a masterpiece in my opinion. His lyrics are so visceral and affecting. I’ve also been listening to an incredible American singer-songwriter called Dan Bern, another favourite. 

Are there any musicians who influence your music?
There are countless musicians that influence me, too many to mention anywhere near all of them. People like Matt Walker, Mia Dyson – so many local Australian artists that I play a lot with and am inspired by. 

Have you been to Darwin before? What did you think?
I’ve been to Darwin more times than I can count. I love Darzy, and consider it my second home after Melbourne, which is pretty weird considering how different they are! I have some great friends there and play/hang out in Darwin as much as I possibly can. 

What can the audience expect from your gig? 
We’re going to be a four-piece band presenting songs from All The Bridges in a really full form, which I’m pumped about! The last time I launched an album in Darwin it was a solo acoustic album, so this will be really different. More opportunity to dance, that’s for sure! And the wonderful Tanya Ransom will be opening the show, which I’m stoked about. And Kate Oliver, who I’ve heard a lot of great things about, will be our special guest at GYRACC in Katherine. 

What has the reaction to your album been so far?
The reaction has been great. I released it in Australia and North America on the same day (July 1st) and I was in Canada at the time. The Canadian press has been very kind and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Australia and touring with my buddies. Can’t wait to get on the road and I can’t wait to get to Darwin and Katherine!

Sat 3 Sep | 7pm | Railway Club | $21.50 |

Sun 4 Sep | 7pm | Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre, Katherine | $20, $15 conc |

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