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Music NT presents: David Spry

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?
I’d probably describe it as a bit of a blend of blues, reggae and soul all wrapped into one.

Where do you draw inspiration?
It comes when it comes – I like to keep my mind free and open. There are a lot of things that influence the music I’m playing, like how I feel. If I’m happy or sad about something happening in the world or something close to me, I’ll play and try to get things out – but I guess that pretty much goes for all musicians! 

You’ve performed at a bunch of events, including Barunga and Darwin Festivals, and supported a host of notable acts including Tex Perkins and The Cat Empire – is there a particular gig that’s stood out for you?
Yes. I played Raining on the Rock with Warren H Williams at the 45th Anniver-sary of the Gurindji Walk Off in Kalkaringi. It was amazing to be on stage – in the bush and the desert – playing alongside a music legend on his home turf. That one was a real highlight for me.

You regularly perform at Indigenous festivals and events – has your Aboriginal heritage influenced any aspects of your music?
It definitely influences where I choose to play. It’s a good opportunity to share the music I love, with the people I love because my music isn’t pinpointed to a particular audience, it’s broad and caters to a wide range. There are some elements of Indigenous sounds in some of my music, but I also think it’s important to choose the music you want to play, regardless of your background. 

Has living in the Northern Territory had an influence on your creativity?

Very much so! The Territory has such a skilled number of musicians for such a small population base and that’s always good creatively. Maybe Darwin's hot weather and isolation is the perfect balance for writing tunes...

What’s next on the cards for David Spry?
There are a few things coming up this year. I’m currently working on an EP and touring the country. I recently played at St Kilda and Mount Eliza Music Festivals, and will be playing at the Macedon Ranges Music Festival, Moomba Festival and National Folk Festival in Canberra. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel and take music to new audiences.


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