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The World's Fear

Don’t be afraid! They might be loud, but they are damn good fun too.

And while they might be a new name in town, there will be a few familiar faces amongst this seasoned set of Top End talent. Front man Lindsay Wright and guitarist Sam Clements spoke to Off The Leash about their latest collaboration and about playing the music that they love.

How would you describe your band’s style of music? 

We didn’t set out to fit a certain genre or style but I would say that, if anything, we would be considered punk. It’s fast, it’s energetic, it can get offensive at times but, at its core, it’s good fun!

Who are the band’s influences?

Our influences are wide and varied. All of us are fans of late 90s and early 2000s punk bands and while some of us got sucked down that emo-rabbit-hole of tight jeans and screamy/whiny vocals and never really made it back, we all share a love of some form of punk or another.

As a new band on the scene in Darwin, what are you most looking forward to about gigging around town?

The majority of us have performed in bands throughout Darwin over the last decade or so. I’m most looking forward to getting back up on stage in front of a crowd and doing what I love – making fun music that I hope people enjoy! I’m also looking forward to getting the opportunity to support bands that you wouldn’t get down south. It’s a good pond up here – and it’s a small pond. There are opportunities aplenty to play – and play we shall!

What are the challenges for a new band in Darwin?

One of the main challenges is definitely the lack of venues that are willing to book an original band, especially one that is as noisy as ours. So far we have played the Railway Club in Parap, and we frequent the Happy Yess as well. But that’s pretty much it. That said, being a smaller city, the music scene is pretty tight-knit and everyone seems willing to support one another. It’s nice.

You’ve put together the “Big Notes and Sore Throats” gig at the Rails in November, describe the night you’ve got planned for us.  

We have a stellar line-up of some of Darwin’s most energetic acts. We try to get out to see a lot of shows and have been very impressed by everyone we’ve got on board. We’ve kept the line-up a little heavier than we had initially planned and really want to kick this one off with a bang. Helping us keep the night at maximum decibels will be We Burn Bridges, Snapchat Regret and Summit. These bands never fail to get the crowd in the mosh pit!

Big Notes and Sore Throats | Sat 11 Nov | 7pm | Railway Club |

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