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One of Australia’s most be-loved hip-hop acts, Thundamentals, celebrate 10 years together in 2018. They bring their anniversary tour to Darwin and Alice Springs this month. DJ Morgs chatted with Off The Leash.

You're kicking off the tour in Darwin, before heading to Alice Springs. Thanks for the NT love! This isn't the first time you've played here either – what keeps you coming back?

It was a long time into the touring career for us before we had the chance to play in either Darwin or Alice Springs, as the Territory was largely off the circuit for upcoming acts. We love getting to travel around the country and experiening everything we have here, and Alice and Darwin are two places in Australia like no other. When people who haven't travelled to Australia before think about what it is like here, I believe the picture in their mind is of places like Darwin and Alice Springs. And, I love the heat, so I’m always keen to get there!

This is your 10 year anniversary tour. When the Thundamentals first came together, did you imagine you'd still be doing this together?

It’s been such a journey, and I still can’t imagine how any of it is going to work out. It still feels uncertain; I mean the industry is so fickle, and it can be hard to survive. I try and just be happy with where I am at, and keep doing what I enjoy.

You reached number eight for the track ‘Sally’ and number 61 for ‘21 Grams’ in the Hottest 100 this year... the nation clearly has a favourite out of the two tunes – do you agree? Did Hottest 100 voters get it right?

I think after touring these songs so much over the last 12 months, ‘Sally’ has really become a favourite. People really seem to connect and enjoy themselves when hearing it. Originally my favourite from the Everyone We Know album was the title track. Although, fulfilling the dream of doing a collab with the Hilltop Hoods [on ‘21 Grams’] is up there too. Tough choice.

Tell us a bit about what you've got planned for this tour? Will you get much of a chance to see the country – or will it just be gigs and hotel rooms?

Definitely looking forward to playing some older Thundamentals songs and reminiscing back on how it began. The tour is mainly gigs and airports, but we usually have a few days here and there where we get to go exploring. 


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