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APIA Good Times Tour - 2018

The sixth APIA good times tour kicks off in Darwin this May, with disco legend Leo Sayer sharing the stage with Brian Cadd, Marcia Hines, Russell Morris and John Paul Young. Sayer spoke to Off The Leash.


Do you all know each other well? Or will some of you be meeting for the first time on tour?
I was on the 2015 tour, and Russell was on that one, too. It was great fun! I’ve known Russell and John since the 70s, and met Brian and Marcia more recently, but we’ve all shared stages before. 

Is there a ringleader amongst  you? Who will be encouraging  shenaningans after a gig? Who’ll be suggesting an early bedtime?

Well, Brian is the oldest so that should make him the boss! We’ll all get to play ringleader I guess on different nights, and yes there’ll be plenty of shenanigans going on. But we are all sensible (older) folks now – so I don’t think there’ll be too much partying.

Can you tell us a bit about the material you’ll be performing on this tour?

I’ll be selecting the best of my hits, but with only a 20 minute set for each of us, I’m electing to change the songs around night after night – so we get ‘em all in. The most fun will be when we’re all on stage together at the end. We all get to save one big hit for that, and it’s fun to sing those songs together.

Is there a coveted slot in the line-up? Like, no-one wants to be first, while everyone’s still warming up, no-one wants to be last when everyone’s getting a bit tired… 

I think we are all pretty even on that, just happy to be there (I’m so diplomatic, aren’t I!).

It’s been three years since you last played in Darwin, will you get the chance to stick around for a bit this trip?

I wish I could, but the show rolls on into Perth and Adelaide straight afterwards, so we’ll all need to get going. Yes, I do have some friends coming to the show, and as everyone knows I LOVE Darwin – so it’s gonna be nice to start the tour there. I can’t wait to get on stage in the Top End again!


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