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The Fast Five - Shaun Kirk

While silverchair might have been his first love –  it’s blues that has his heart forever. And this month Shaun Kirk will rock the stage at Darwin’s first ever Blues and Roots Festival this month. He answered The Fast Five for Off The Leash.

 By Liz Trevaskis

What’s the first album you ever bought? 
Silverchair’s Frogstomp on cassette! I can’t remember what the shop was called, but I remember it was at my old local shopping centre, Knox City. 

If you could see any artist or band – living or dead – this weekend, who would it be? 
Howlin’ Wolf! He was an absolute giant both musically and physically and, going from videos I’ve seen and stories I’ve read, had such a commanding stage presence. It would have been amazing to stand in the same room as him.

Whose posters did you have stuck to the wall as a teenager? 
Once again, it was Silverchair. Unfortunately I don’t have the posters anymore – totally should have kept them! 

What song would you like played  at your funeral? 
Not something I’ve really thought about, but the first song that comes to mind right now is Tom Waits’ ‘Hold On’. 

Finish this sentence. The thing people would be surprised to know about me… is that I’m so scared of mushrooms that I often tell waiters and waitresses at restaurants that I’m allergic to them so that they don’t end up on my plate!

Darwin Blues and Roots Festival SAT 21 JUL | 2PM | PINT CLUB, MARRARA | $68.50 | $47.50 CONC | |

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