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The Fast Five: Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole, two of the biggest names in Australian country music, hit the Pint Club this month. Harvey answered The Fast Five – very honestly – for Off The Leash. 

What’s the first album you ever bought? 
This is pretty sad really... Different Light by The Bangles. Remember ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’? It was a huge hit back then! I got it on cassette. Incidentally, I showed my kids a cassette the other day and they both said... ‘what is that’!! 

If you could see any artist or band – living or dead – this weekend, who would it be? 
Johnny Cash – and I would take my dad because he was a huge fan and he introduced me to country music.

Whose posters did you have stuck to the wall as a teenager?
It was a mixed bag really. I had AC/DC posters, skateboarding posters, and a Phantom poster. I used to collect Phantom comics and I had hundreds. Unfortunately for my wife I still have them! 

What song would you like played at your funeral? 
Willie Nelson has a great song called ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die’. I think that would be pretty good. I also like the idea of having ‘On the Road Again’ playing at the end of the ceremony. 

Finish this sentence. The thing people would be surprised to know about me… is I’m a mad keen gardener. I was going to go to university and complete a Bachelor of Science in horticulture... but I went on tour instead!

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole | Sat 18 Aug | 8pm | Pint Club, Marrara | See the event listing

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