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Shania Choir

Amongst the line-up of music, theatre, comedy, film, cabaret and dance at this year’s Darwin Festival, you’ll also find a whole lot of Shanias.

Production manager and choir soprano Shania Cassie spoke to Off The Leash about why this is one Darwin Festival show not to miss.

I don’t think there’s anyone in Australia who doesn’t know who Shania Twain is… but if there was, how would you describe her?
Shania has a classic rags to riches story. She had a pretty troubled childhood and used her singing as an outlet. The majority of her early success was from music she made with her first husband, “Mutt” Lange. She was one of the first female artists to cross over from country to pop, and had amazing success with three albums. The decline of her marriage saw her disappear from the music scene for
15 years, but we are so happy she is back making music and touring again!
What is it about her life and music that inspired the formation of the Shania Choir? 
To be honest, the choir was formed when a friend of ours realised that the word “choir” rhymed with “Shania” and thought it would be a great concept! On looking through her back catalogue, and digging a little deeper into her personal life, we realised there was more than enough material for a full show.
Who’s in the choir – and what does it take to be selected to perform?
The choir is made up of 15 members – all friends who were invited to join due to their singing ability and for their love of Shania. We have three boys and 12 girls – singers and musicians and actors.
You’ve only been together since last year. What’s been the reaction of audiences so far? Have people been overjoyed? Confused? We always say that watching our audience react is one of our favourite parts about performing. First they laugh – because we look ridiculous – 15 Shania Twain clones! Then they go quiet, and appreciate the talent. Then they cheer and whoop and sing along. We have audience members dancing in the aisles, we have people yelling out support for Shania’s tough life, and we have people singing along almost as loud as us.
For Darwinites trying to determine which festival shows they should make it to this year… why should they definitely NOT miss Shania Choir? 
Everyone we invite to see the show loves it. Even if people aren’t necessarily fans of Shania, they will be impressed by the talent and won’t be able to help but be strung along for the ride. Our show has been described as infectious – it’s a fun-filled, dramatic, comedic celebration of all things Shania, and so it’s well worth anyone’s time.

Sun 26 Aug | 9-9.55pm | The Lighthouse | See the event listing

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