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Happy Yess

Happy Yess will throw up the roller door and be back in business this month after a Dry season hiatus.

By Tamara Howie

A huge welcome-back party will see original live music from local artists return to the stage with regular programming resuming over the Wet season.

The beloved venue has been closed since March and the new chair of the board, Kat Byron, is gearing up for some sweaty fun times for the rest of the year.

“It all kicks off on Friday September 7, which gives everyone a bit of a sleep in and relax after Darwin Festival, and then the doors will be open for business as usual,” she says.

“We’ll have a Wet season program through to the end of the year – the good vibes don’t stop just because the Darwin Festival does.”

Byron says the future for the venue is looking bright, with lots of support from the community who are keen to see the doors open. 

“We’ve had two gigs between the Fringe and Darwin Festival and both of them went off,” she says.

“It’s really great to see the community is behind Happy Yess and is excited to have us back.”

For the last 10 years Happy Yess has been an institution for local musos to perform original tunes, and the heart of the venue will remain the same.

“We still have the Happy Yess ethos of supporting independent live music – it doesn’t matter what genre,” Byron says.

Byron says emerging musicians will still be able to cut their teeth and start their careers in the space.

“We’ll pair you up with more established artists to play to supportive audiences so you can go on to play bigger and better gigs.”

 Fri 7 Sep | 9pm | Happy Yess

Thumbnail image by Foldback Magazine.

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