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The Fast Five - The Roy Boys

Performing together for more than 20 years, The Roy Boys, from the band Roymackonkey, have two EPs, an album, and a couple of songwriting awards under their belt.

The Boys, John Coulehan and Darryl Barba, answered The Fast Five for Off The Leash.

What’s the first album you ever bought?
DB: Kiss, Dynasty on vinyl.
JC: Guns N’ Roses, Use Your Illusion I on CD.
If you could see any artist or band – living or dead – this weekend, who would it be?
DB: Living Colour – they are coming to Australia and I would love to see them live. I would take anyone who is keen... I would love to take my son though. JC: Tool because it’s long overdue for these guys and we all need some Tool right now. Same with me – anyone who would appreciate the band.
Whose posters did you have stuck to the wall as a teenager?
DB: Metallica, Anthrax , Ozzy Osbourne, Living Colour, Faith No More, AC/DC, Kiss, Terminator and Guns N’ Roses. I only have Guns N’ Roses left, which came with the Appetite for Destruction guitar tablature bible.
JC: Star Wars, Faith No More, Crocodile Dundee, Transformers and Ghost Busters. I still have Crocodile Dundee.
What song would you like played at your funeral?
DB: ‘When The War Is Over’ by Cold Chisel.
JC: ‘Digging the Grave’ by Faith No More.
Finish this sentence. The thing people would be surprised to know about me…
JC: I have taken a huge liking to the show The Bachelor.
DB: I’m a fan of Billy Ocean.

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