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Fat Pigeon

It's been a wild ride for local metal band Fat Pigeon.

Since winning the Battle of the School Bands in 2017, the young Darwin outfit has played at BASSINTHEGRASS, supported James Reyne and Killing Heidi at One Tropical Day, and are now about to hit the track to Alice Springs to perform at Blacken Festival in May. 

Before they hit the road the boys will perform at Happy Yess for a night of heavy music with We Burn Bridges, Clockwork Riot and Assailant.

Off The Leash had a chat with bass player and vocalist Michael South ahead of the gig.

Winning Battle of the School Bands seems to have opened a lot of doors - tell us about what it was like performing at BASS last year?
It was really great to have good gear and just be really loud and meet all the artists as well.
Did they give you any good tips?
The best pieces of advice were do what you want to do and be yourself. Don’t let other people tell you what to play or criticise you - make your own sound.

What are you guys working on these days?
We’ve been integrating gigging and writing new material - it can be hard because we’re all still at school so our time is limited.

How did you score the gig at Blacken?
At the 2018 Battle of the School bands we spoke with the winning band Juice, who told us to contact (festival organiser) Pirate. He heard our material on Youtube and Triple J Unearthed and invited us down. 

What are you hoping to get out of the experience?
We’re just hoping to socialise, listen and get advice for other bands. It will also be good to get our name out there a bit more - it’s about exposure and future opportunities.

What would you like more people to know about Fat Pigeon?
We all have a lot of different influences. 

I’m not really a metal head and not all our songs are really the same - we have sub genres mixed in. We’ve got some heavier songs and then some more skate punk ones - it’s a good variety.

We Burn Bridges, Fat Pigeon, Clockwork Riot and Assailant Fri 5 APR | 8pm | Happy Yess | $15

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