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In A Spin

AIR RAID RECORDS OWNER RYAN SAGE HAS already been held to ransom for a vinyl single, despite the doors only being open for a couple of months.

“Most hard-core record collectors will look anywhere and everywhere – including behind the desk at a store,” Sage says.

A customer had lined up a stack of records worth a couple of hundred dollars, ready to buy, when he found a hidden stash.

“I hadn’t sorted through the box yet and he found a single in it. ‘Word Up’ by Cameo,” Sage says.

“I told him it wasn’t for sale yet and he told me if I didn’t sell it to him, he’d put all the other records he was going to buy back. It wasn’t especially rare, but it’s something I’ll probably never see again!”

Sage opened Air Raid Records this April when a few stars aligned, having always had a passion for vinyl and the music community that appreciates it.

“If people just want to come and listen to music, they don’t have to feel obliged to buy,” he says.

“They can come and have a chat, and listen to music and re-live the good old days.”

Sage can be found spinning vinyl at events around town and has also taken up nude modelling for life drawing – two passions he’s willing to combine for the right price…


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