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From the Depths of the Sea

If you want a sneak peek into what local producer James Mangohig has been up to over the last 12 months, make sure you catch his immersive gig at the Darwin Fringe Festival.

Mangohig’s Underwater Listening Party will be a showcase of the project, From the Depths of the Sea (DOTS), at its mid-way point. We had a chinwag with Mangohig about the project.

First of all, tell us about your love of the ocean.
I grew up south of Adelaide and swam at the beach every day, and then moved to Darwin when I was five and obviously we can’t swim here.

I’ve always had an amazing fascination with the ocean. And there’s this thing – it’s a bit weird to say – but I didn’t realise we as humans came from the ocean until I was in my early 20s. I grew up in a conservative Christian upbringing, and I remember driving down a highway with my best friend and she told me how we [evolved from life] from the ocean and it blew my mind.

What’s the idea behind From The DOTS?
I’ve always wanted to make a record that collaborates with Asian artists, or people of colour, that I’ve had relationships with over the years. I wanted to make a record that embraces my pop sensibilities and my love of Asian sounds, samples and rhythms.

I feel like it’s my personality down the middle – one part loves dramatic, cinematic and emotional, and the other part loves the funk and partying. From The DOTS is both sides in one act.

What can punters expect at the listening party?
It’s not so much a live performance, but I want people to come and be immersed in the middle stages of the record.

Most listening parties happen when an album is finished, why do you want to do one while you’re still halfway through?
There’s something really beautiful about sharing music before it’s finished. Often artists don’t get a chance to play material in front of crowds, and it feels different and you analyse it differently in front of an audience. I want to share what I’m working on because I’m really proud of it.

Underwater Listening Party with From The DOTS SUN 7 JUL | 6-7PM | HAPPY YESS | $10 |

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