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Brisbane hip hop outfit Butterfingers has been toiling away recording a new album this year – but before they release it next year, they’re making tracks to the Top End to bring in 2020.

We had a yarn with front man Eddie (Evil Eddie) Jacobson about the upcoming album and their New Year’s Eve show at Darwin Railway Club.

How does a New Year’s gig differ to other gigs?
Generally speaking, it’s the night of the year everyone gives themselves permission to get loose – but in my experience, Darwin is kind of loose all of the time.

We sure like to have a good time! What can you tell us about the new album?
The whole thing is a story from start to finish – kind of like a concept album, but not super literal all the way through.

What’s the story you’ve got weaved through?
It’s about what happened, since the last Butterfingers record came out. Why we stopped, all the things that have happened since, and why we’re back together doing music again.

Were you writing the songs as the events happened?
A couple of them had been started a while back, but the bulk of the writing has happened in the last 12 months.

Has your approach to song writing evolved over the years?
After the first album came out, I got quite a problem with writer’s block. I really struggled to write the second record. Now I have a process, which I never had before.

I kind of feel like I can write about anything indefinitely, which is a good way to feel.

How did you find your process – did you develop a routine or was it age and wisdom?
I started studying script writing – not at uni or anything – just online looking at stuff and reading books, and realising every thought process is just asking and answering questions in your own head.

When I realise what those questions are, which makes a story, I feel like the options are endless after that because you can always keep asking questions.

Butterfingers has always blended genres – what’s the new album leaning towards?
Instrumentally it’s a lot more guitar-oriented. We always did guitar stuff and played punk songs in the middle of hip hop tracks, but the guitar is now bleeding in to the hip hop tracks more and more.

Do Top End fans get a chance to see some new tunes to ring in the New Year?
We’re definitely going to play some new stuff, but we don’t want to let everyone down so obviously we’re going to play the bangers!

Butterfingers NYE
Supported by Roy Mackonkey, Bloody Marys, Danger Den and Zaza Raiz (DJ)


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