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Alice Ivy

Melbourne-based electronic musician and producer, Alice Ivy, returns to the Top End this month to hit the stage at the V8s. We were delighted to catch up with her for a yarn.

Are you excited about coming up to Darwin?
I can’t wait to come back! I was in Darwin in December and played Raindance Festival, and it was absolutely wild. I think, even being a few months later, I’m keen to see Darwin in full swing. Coming from Melbourne it was definitely a culture shock, getting off the flight and playing a show. What’s the weather like in June?

Alice IvyOh, it’s beautiful! Dry season days, balmy nights, not too humid – you’ll love it.
Oh, nice, I’m so excited!

We look forward to having you back! You released your second album Don’t Sleep last year. What was it like not being able to tour?
I mean, yeah, it was really tough, and I know a lot of artists are still in a similar boat and went through the same thing. Especially when you look at albums – part of the story of an album is taking it on the road and playing the shows live for the first time.

When the record came out, we were in the middle of the biggest Melbourne lockdown, so that was really weird being at home and not being able to celebrate, with my manager or my team. But I also feel that different positive things happened during that time that maybe wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been at home. I got a couple of award nominations and that always gives you a kind of boost, so it wasn’t all negative!

Were you tempted to hold off on the album’s release?
I think the whole team and I were just, like, we’re going to stick with the date! People are still going to be hungry for, and wanting to listen to, new music. I feel like we made the right decision in sticking with the plan.

What does it mean to be on the road performing again?
Oh, it’s absolutely amazing! Being able to connect with people I haven’t been able to see and play some new audiences that have heard the record and held onto [postponed] show tickets – I’m definitely enjoying it even more so now and taking it all in. You never know when something like this could happen and I’m very grateful to be doing what I’m doing again.

You’ve collaborated with a swag of talented artists such as E^ST and Odette – who else would you love to team up with, dead or alive?
[Laughs] Ooh, that’s a tough one! I mean, like, I wonder how an Amy Winehouse collab would go down? That’s a tough question! [Laughs] Alive, I think Frank Ocean, Kanye, Kaytranada, Missy Elliot would be pretty sick. Yeah, lots of names!

Aside from banging out a few tunes at the V8s, what else have you got planned for your Top End trip?
Well, my parents just so happen to be in Darwin at the same time. They’re driving from Melbourne to Darwin on a massive road trip, and so, they’ll have their little van there – I might take the van out a do a bit of camping. I’m definitely gonna hang out with my parents. It’s pretty amazing how that happened to work out. I might take a couple of days to hang out with the fam and see what Darwin has to offer!

Merlin Darwin Triple Crown Saturday Night Concert
WHEN SAT 19 JUN | 5.30PM

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