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Melbourne power rock four-piece Kingswood returns to the Top End as part of the Coopers Presents music program, hitting The Rails stage for one huge night of music. Tierney White caught up with the band’s lead guitarist Alex Laska for a chinwag.

Thanks for chatting with me. Are you excited about coming up to Darwin?
Oh absolutely, of course! We haven’t been there in a long time – I think the last time we were in Darwin was BASSINTHEGRASS, three or four years ago? I reckon we’ve played Darwin five or six times, at least. It’s awesome, such a good vibe.

Darwin can get left off the touring circuit a bit, but you guys have always included us – what is it that keeps you coming back?
Music and people! The same reasons we go anywhere. We love Darwin and getting out as far as we can, and I think people really appreciate it. As you say, a lot of people can leave certain places off the map, and our philosophy has always been that our band started from a live perspective, so when we get an opportunity to go out and play live – which is kind of how we became who we are – if we can take that as wide as we can, we will. We absolutely love playing music.

So given how much you love playing live, I’m guessing last year was pretty horrible for you?
Yeah, it was, but we were also incredibly resilient, and so we put out three albums.

Three albums in one year?
Yeah. We put out Juveniles, Reveries and a Christmas album for charity for mental health. If you can’t play live, you can still play in a room, you know? The best medicine for us – and I sound like a broken record – is music. A good Kingswood never dies!

[Laughs] I love that! Speaking of cars, how does it feel to be hitting the road touring again?
It’s unusual and it’s incredible. We’re very, very grateful. And love the fact that, whilst there’s a fair bit of crazy stuff going on in the world, we’re jumping on planes and playing in venues – even if there are limits to capacity and what not – you pinch yourself, like, there’s a pandemic going on and we’re making music and going to the shop, going to footy matches. It’s awesome.

Aside from banging out a few tunes at The Rails, what else have you got planned for your trip to the Top End?
I think we are gonna go out and do some crocodile-ing! [laughs] And maybe some waterfalls and a few other things, maybe some adventuring. I think we’re up there for a couple of days, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we’ve been prescribed. Maybe some fishing, a couple of whiskies, a few beers. Indulging in the beautiful things in life!

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