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After releasing the track Songlines in March this year, MusicNT caught up with SOORKIA to see what’s next for the Alice Springs artist.

We’re loving your recent release Songlines. The song and production are amazing. Can you tell us a little about the journey to getting this track down and out?
Thanks! The song had been waiting in the wings to come and give it life. It started as a song I wrote as I rode my bike through the picturesque Telegraph Station. I was thinking about how it’s so easy to erect walls and barriers because we’re afraid to be who we are. It started as a very basic demo, then became magical when Dave Crowe (Resin Moon of Sing Hum) and Ben Allen (Broadwing) co-produced it.

The Alice Springs music scene is thriving at the moment, so many great artists and releases coming out. Has being a part of this music community impacted you as an artist?
It sure is thriving! So many of my friends came into 2021 with so much new music. I’ve got to collaborate and/or perform with so many great women in Alice this year too, Bambadino, Katie Harder, Desert Divas, Xavia... being around women who are juggling other jobs and families is also really inspiring. I was lucky to receive some grant funding from Music NT and Alice Springs Town council to help with producing my EP. It makes such a difference feeling a part of the wider community.

Are there any collaborations on the cards?
I’ve been working with Reuben Burke-Munns of Androgynous Lemon on a song – and I’ve also had the amazing Karen Jackson and Ed Nicholson play on an upcoming track ‘The Walk’.

Should we be keeping an eye out for more releases in the near future?
Yes. I’m hoping to release a new song by July, and possibly an EP by the end of this year. I’m also gearing up to have another baby at the end of June, so at the moment am working very slowly.

And lastly, as an artist, what advice have you been given that’s stayed with you?
Don’t try and be the artist you think you should be, be the one you are.


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