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MATT OKINE – The Other Guy

Stand-up comedian, actor, rapper and radio presenter – is there anything Matt Okine can’t do? We had a chat to Okine ahead of his upcoming visit to D-town. 

The name of your new show The Other Guy conjures up all kinds of thoughts. I’m curious, what’s 'The Other Guy' about? 
The show is set in a bathroom while my ex-girlfriend and I wait for the results of a pregnancy test. We broke up after 9 years and suddenly I'm trying to figure out whether I'm ready to be a dad, despite the fact that I'm thirty years old and I still can't tie a tie. 
Who is your greatest comedic inspiration and why?
Dave Chappelle is an absolute legend. I supported him on his tour of Australia and I've never been more nervous to be in the same room as someone. I was pathetic. By the time I figured out whether I should call him Dave, Mr Chappelle or bro, he'd left the room.
You co-host the breakfast show on Triple J with Alex Dyson, what's the best and worst thing about this gig?
Everything about the gig is great! I get to talk shit with a friend every morning. The only think that sucks is the early starts. I was going to bed the other night and went to turn off the light – yeah, it was actually the sun. The good news is I can now get the senior's early bird special at my local takeaway ‘cause I eat dinner before 5.30pm.
What's your go-to joke at a dinner party?
My friends don't invite me to dinner parties anymore because I always want to eat before 5.30pm. 

See event listing for more information:
WHEN: Sat 24 Oct | 8pm
AT: Darwin Entertainment Centre
COST: $35

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