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Limber up, the Melbourne Ballet Company is returning to the Top End with its exhilarating and critically acclaimed triple-bill EmpyRean.

Empyrean: the highest heavenly sphere in medieval cosmology, closest to purity and unconditional love. Three of Australia’s most celebrated choreographers have taken this ancient and layered concept and created three distinct works to form the latest show from the Melbourne Ballet Company (MBC).

Sometimes you see something that stretches your idea of beauty and what the human body is capable of and MBC Director Simon Hoy says audiences are in for just that kind of ride.

“This program is a thrilling demonstration of cutting-edge contemporary ballet,” he said. “It’s a journey filled with passion, emotion and sheer athleticism, with a superb selection of music and some stunning visual effects.”

MBC celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and a well-deserved reputation for innovation and accessibility. Hoy says they set out to create repertoire that is original, world class and able to be seen by diverse audiences.

“We believe everybody should have the opportunity to experience world-class contemporary ballet, so we do seasons in capital cities as well as a lot of regional performances. We try to keep costs of touring low by not traveling with large sets, then we’re able to offer more affordable tickets and to perform in many places that major company’s can’t reach.”

Indeed the company’s dancers are among the best in Australia and bring a whole lot of excellence to the regional stages they perform on with backgrounds from the American Ballet Theatre to the Royal and Australian Ballet Schools.

Hoy says they’re looking forward to performing EmpyRean at the Darwin Entertainment Centre.

“It’s a beautiful venue actually, every seat has a great view. It’s a very good theatre to see dance.” 

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