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Comics' Corner - June

This month, I am lucky to be joined By Aaron Signal aka Mon Cherie to talk about the recent rejuvenation of the monthly Fab U Lash series of drag-inspired comedy and live singing variety performances at the Cavanagh Hotel.

Firstly, congratulations on your recent performance in April Fab U Lash. You were cheeky, funny and a little bit biting – and your stand-up wasn’t bad either.
As they say – witty not pretty.  A dangerous combination...

You’ll be hosting Dames and Giggles – Australian Comedy Queens Fab U Lash event this month. What can fans expect?
Pretty much a gaggle of girlies. We all know each other, but live in different states, so the opportunity to get some hysterical folk in one room screams for an audience. 

You will be sharing hosting duties with the infamous Sherri Lee Volua. Will Ms Volua behave and is she a considerate ‘co-host’?
She is the Bert to my Ernie. We are the two grumpy Muppets in the balcony. We host each other, so one of us has time to fan her sweat and breathe. 

How did Fab U Lash first get started and how did you get involved?
Sherri and I had a crazy idea back in 2013 Out Games Darwin and started it with Tina and Shimmer LaQueen.
What are your dreams for Fab U Lash?
That Fab U Lash will grow organically – at the moment I like having Darwin comedians join us. In a year it might evolve again. It will always have live, singing Queens though, blended with comedy and old school drag. It's a niche no one else is exploring, so we will.

Which comic drag artists do you admire most?
Bianca del Rio. Maggie Scott. I love cutting but clever wit. Something that's fast in delivery but sits for a second to sink in.

Favourite comic performer
Myself. Have you met me! 

Favourite comedy writer
Pam Eyers – poetry genius.

Life’s greatest pleasure
Cereal at 2.30am.

Tips for emerging comics?
Just be funny. Stuff PC, stuff what you think they wanna hear. Just do your funny! If one crowd doesn’t laugh, suck it up and go do another crowd.

Something you wouldn’t tell your mum
Hello, that's who taught me.  My mum rules.

Pop culture guilty pleasure
RuPaul’s Drag Race – it's so fake, it's wonderful. 

Fab U Lash – Australian Comedy Queens Special | Sun 24 Jun | 5.30pm | The Cavenagh Hotel 

First Thursdays Comedy – Adulting is Hard | Thu 7 Jun | 7.30pm | Brown's Mart Theatre 

Science @ Sunset Comedy Special | Sun 17 Jun | 5pm | Railway Club 

LOL Thursdays | Thu 28 Jun | 8pm | Beachfront Hotel

You Wouldn’t Believe Me Comedy Show | Sat 30 Jun | 6pm | Brown’s Mart


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