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Sydney Dance Company - ab [intra]

Sydney Dance Company's latest production explores the depth of human impulse in ab [intra].

In the initial development, ab [intra], which means ‘from within’ in Latin, began with a series of improvised movements by the dancers. 

Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela then asked each dancer to write down their thoughts, feelings and ideas about their movements during this research and development phase.

“I proposed to start with a series of improvisations, experimenting is always an important part of the process,” he says on the Sydney Dance Company blog.

“I asked the dancers to be in the moment with each other, to feel and listen to each other, to use their instinct, their impulses and visceral responses. 

“And let me tell you it was pretty crazy at times, but very interesting!”

The terms the dancers wrote down – which included ‘soft existence’ and ‘purposely creating awkward encounters’ – became the driving force behind the choreography of the show.

“We used this same method to create solos, duets, trios and all sort of different groupings,” Bonachela says.

“The language, the mood and the feel of the movement that became the choreography originated from  a very personal and unique place.”

Bonachela worked with long-term collaborator, composer Nick Wales to develop a new score, which brought together two musical styles.

“Music is a very important component of any piece I create, for ab [intra] I wanted to bring two of the musical styles that I love together in the same work: contemporary classical with powerful strings, and intricate electronic composition,” says Bonachela.

Alongside Wales’ score, the work also features Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks’ string concerto Presence.

ab [intra] premiered in Sydney last month before heading on a national tour.

Fri 15 Jun | 12pm & 8pm | Darwin Entertainment Centre | See the event listing

Images by Pedro Greig

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