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Comics' Corner - September

Award winning producer, comedian, musician and former radio presenter Nicole Stevens recently took out the People’s Choice Award for her show at the Darwin Fringe Festival. Darwin has a staggering number of high calibre and innovative comedians and Nicole is a big part of leading this charge.

You’re a comedy quadruple-threat – you tell jokes, write and sing comic songs, produce comedy and can eat an entire kebab without using your hands. What do you see as your greatest talent? 
Aside from the kebab, I’m a gun at reverse parking. It’s kind of my super power.

You recently toured your show, Rage Against the Washing Machine, nationally. How do audiences differ around Australia? 
Generally audiences are very friendly in all cities, particularly in Brisbane. But in all honesty, nothing beats the upbeat energy of a Darwin audience. 

How do you research your comedy writing? Where you find your comic inspiration?
Almost everything has an element of humour, if you look at the situation from an outside point of view. I don’t deliberately set out to find material, the material comes to me in the form of genuine life experiences and people I’ve met, or weird circumstances I’ve found myself in. 

How did you first get into stand-up and what was your first gig like? 
Way back in 2007 a colleague signed me up for a six-week comedy course in Brisbane, with a performance at the end. It went really well. It was long time between that first and next gig. Fast forward to 2015, I’m living in Darwin and I saw a showcase of local comedians at Brown’s Mart. I procrastinated, but finally my comedy reprise was at The Beachfront Hotel in October 2015. 
I was extremely anxious but my set went over a treat! Since then I’ve kept going.
You’re producing and MCing Laugh It Off at Brown’s Mart in October. What can audiences expect?
Laugh It Off is a fun showcase of hilarious next crop Darwin comedians. It’s a night of relatable storytelling, clever gags and witty one-liners. It’s stand-up comedy from a bunch of local comedians and there’s something for everyone. 

Favourite stand-up comedian? 
I love Judith Lucy, but also Danny Bhoy is a favourite for his simple observations and ease of delivery.

Favourite TV comedy series?
Flight of the Conchords, Black Books, and a NZ production called Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby. 
Favourite comedy film?
Bridesmaids. Hilarious!
Top of your bucket list of things you’d like to do this coming year?
Clean the filters in my air con before this goes to print. 
Catch local comedy at: 
First Thursday Comedy – ‘Hope’ | THU 6 SEP | 7.30PM BROWN’S MART | $10 |

Will Crawford is an up-and-crawling comic. He moonlights as a land rights lawyer and policy activist.

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