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Comics' Corner - Shalom Kaa

SHALOM KAA IS A well-known force in the Top End entertainment scene, regularly gracing the stage as an actor or belting out a tune or two with Darwin Chorale. Now, the seasoned performer can add another feather to his cap as a comedian. Will Crawford caught up with the talented Top Ender for a chat.

How did you go during the lockdown period?
To be honest, I’ve never had a better excuse to do nothing! I de-cluttered the house, scanned important documents, took old technology to the recycling stations and discovered Shark Tank!

Did you manage to perform any cyber gigs during isolation?
I was proud to present the first two online Darwin gigs – it’s a big challenge to do comedy to no one! Well, except the crew, who were fabulous.

What were some of the coolest things you saw online during lockdown?
The coolest thing really was the sense of mateship that came through the online performances, from the crowd funding to the cool comments received during the performances.

I’ve heard on the grapevine you’ve been anointed as MC/host of the Top End Comedy’s comedy panel show, 8 Out of 10 Crocs. What can we expect from that?
So, yes, I ‘m happy to take up the reins as the new host and revamped show that the team is still discussing. The cool thing will be who we’ll see as guest panellists – it could be anyone!

Tell us how you got into stand up!
I suffer from acute FOMO and I felt like I was missing out. That’s it really!

You’re an experienced actor and singer, but what was your first stand up gig like?
Daunting and liberating. As an actor and singer, those are comfort zones, and you can employ much of the same stagecraft. What I’ve found in comedy is that you have to be even more vulnerable. It’s not about interpreting someone else’s text or lyrics, it's all you. I’ve never felt more personally creative.

Where can Top End audiences see you in action?
Planning for 8 out of 10 Crocs is in progress and my work with True Colours Chorus has just resumed. Excitingly, Season 3 of The Seen NT is about to resume on Facebook and IGTV.

What comedians do you love and admire?
Urzila Carlson is a top fave for me; I’m a sucker for a kiwi/South African accent. And the fabulous Tom Allen, one for all bullied gay boys! But my comedic idol is Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna.

Now that’s clever comedy!


Photo: Amy Hetherington

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