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Comics' Corner - Local Comedy Form Guide - Part 2

SHOWCASING TOP END COMICS AND LOCAL STAND-UP PERFORMERS A COMEDY RENAISSANCE is taking place in the Top End, and 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting time to catch comedy. Will Crawford has added to this year's form guide with inside tips on local comedy gems.

Shalom Kaa
Armed with Joan Rivers’ sharp wit, Shalom is one of the best joke writers going around. From a young age, Shalom Kaa was a comedian, actor, dancer, and singer. Apparently it took his parents until he was 21-years-old to work out he was gay.

Garry Sullivan
Garry is a wonderful misanthropic, observational and dark comic, who trains his discerning eye on the annoying things in life, like children. A sharp wit that is sure to get you laughing.

Russel ‘Rusty’ Smith
A character comic delivering some of cheekiest one-liners and weirdest comedy you’ll ever hear. Rusty is also very short. Rusty is so short, that as part of the government’s home improvement scheme, the NTG sent Rusty a Lego voucher, ‘cause he’s so short.

Scott McGowan
The king of dry, witty one-liners and Palmerston anecdotes. A night with Scott always ends with a laugh. The unofficial comedy mayor of Palmerston, Scott was the Raw Comedy winner in 1927. Yep, he’s that old.

Kelly Gulliver
A poet, storyteller and reigning Raw Comedy NT Winner (mainly thanks to COVID), Kelly is one of the comedy treasures of Darwin. Kelly is a big fan of riddles. The other day she asked me, “What did the elephant say to the naked man?” “What”, I asked. “How do you breathe out of that?”

Michael Massie
Massie is an amazing one-liner comic and keen crochet fan. Michael is Italian and known as the godfather of Darwin comedy. Don’t cross him, or he’ll leave a crocheted horse’s head cushion on your pillow.

Local Giggle Gigs
There's plenty of opportunities to catch some great local comedy! Look out for Mel Little’s Schnitz and Giggles series and Wine Club events. Get along to one of the Adults Comedy Den comedy specials at Smoke and Oak, and the odd comedy shows at Dom’s Bar, Humpty Doo Tavern, Marrara and Humpty Doo Golf Clubs.

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