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Garnkiny to Ganyu: Artists Who Capture the Night

by Tierney White

If you’re a star or moon gazer, you can’t miss this special exhibition paying homage to the beauty of the night sky. Most of us are fascinated by it, and while things on our own planet change, the night’s sky and its stars, for the most part, remain our beautiful constant.

The night and its skies have inspired contemplation, meditation and storytelling throughout human history and across the cultures of the world. This exhibition includes the work of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists from Western Australia, the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria.

“This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for visitors to reflect upon notions and stories of capturing the night sky from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives,” Kate Robertson, a non-Indigenous artist from Melbourne, explains. “I'm particularly interested in the way the exhibition will form new dialogues – or stories – on capturing the night sky, by bringing together diverse perspectives from the artists involved.”

Mabel Juli, a senior Gija artist and elder from Warmun in the Kimberley in WA, explains what the exhibition means to her. "Well that Garnkiny (moon), he's the main one who puts light for us every night. He's the main one for everyone, right across the country. He's the main Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) that Garnkiny. He bin' travelling here before anyone bin' born in this country – before blackfellas and whitefellas. Everything was dark. He was travelling himself, in the water, in darkness. Travelling alone, and he was thinking, 'what am I gonna do?’ And he bin' sun for walking day and moon for the night."

Clare Armitage is the curator for this exhibition, and believes exhibitions where indigenous and non-indigenous artists are equally represented are important, “I feel like we should be getting together to look at our commonality; the terrain where we can be strong together because we are sharing what we know.”

WHEN: Fri 1 May - Sat 13 June 

AT: Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre

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