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Art and About with artists Jocelyn Tribe and Amelia Luscombe 

JOCELYN TRIBE AND AMELIA LUSCOMBE will set up camp at UNTiTLED Gallery + Studio for a one-month collaborative studio residency, exploring the themes of therapeutic mark-making and intuitive drawing. 

Tribe (below left) sat down with OTL to tell us about the project and the public workshop.

How did this project come about?
Amelia and I have worked in local galleries together so we’ve had a lot of discussions around ‘art’, I guess from being so immersed in other people’s art we decided we needed to make our own.
Sarah Pirrie was very generous and allowed us some time to experiment in her space, and that set us up to have discussions about why we like making art and what it means to us. We realised we had a common thread, and when we saw UNTiTlED applications open we thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot. 

Tell us about your use of mark-making.
For me, it’s about intentionally drawing without a goal in mind. It’s about the feeling that’s happening while you’re doing it. 

It’s very much about presence and by allowing that to happen, I find it to be a really therapeutic practice.

What do you feel when working in this way?
It’s more about not feeling. It’s more meditative. You can’t really name the feeling because it’s just about what is happening in that space at that time. It’s about creating space to not impose ideas of what artwork should be.

What will the workshop look like?
Amelia and I are both interested in introducing this idea to other people, to take away the stigma of ideas of what art should be, and allowing people to just explore and invite curiosity into what drawing might mean for them.

We hope to create a space that’s inviting and supportive for creativity. I’m really interested in community development and I feel when you can get a group together, who have common interest, often it’s very beneficial for every individual.

stillnessflow workshop 

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