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You Go Girl

With more and more women and girls hitting the skate park every year, City of Darwin’s Skate Development Officer Hannah Illingworth took a second for Off The Leash and International Women’s Day to give a thumbs up to the lasses who’re risking blood, sweat and tears.

Name: Ellie-Jane Ascoli 
Age: 16  
Discipline: BMX Racing Junior Elite  How long have you been racing?  12 years  
Favourite park/place: New at Range BMX Track/Jingili BMX Club  
Why do you race? Fun, excitement, mateship, competition 
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Rosie King  
Age: 28  
Discipline:  Roller Skating – derby, aggressive, street and jam
How long have you been skating?   4 years  
Favourite park/place: Nightcliff  Foreshore and Jingili Skate Park  
Why do you skate? Roller skating is like always listening to your fav song, it always makes you smile and lightens your mood. I always feel like I might fly away when I’m skating.
Favourite Trick: Shoot the duck,  Marilyn Stall and Fakie 180 
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Name: Reckell Sorrel 
Age: 14 
Discipline: Skateboard 
How long have you been skating?  10 months 
Favourite park/place: Leanyer Skatepark 
Why do you skate? I feel free when I skate 
Favourite trick: Manual
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Name: Chloe Littler 
Age: 12 
Discipline: Scoot 
How long have you been skating?  1.5 years 
Favourite park/place: Jingili, my local
Why do you skate? I skate because it’s something I can do to get my mind off things and it’s something  I enjoy. 
Favourite trick: Fingerwhip
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