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Heating the Streets

THE ANNUAL STREET HEAT competition is just around the corner, and skaters are shredding up the parks getting ready for their chance at bragging rights and prizes.

Off The Leash caught up with Jingili Skate Park regular Lindsay Balaam (14) about all things skate.

Thanks for the chat, mate – first up, how long have you been skating?
Three and a half years.
How did you get in to it?
My older brother skates and he bet I couldn’t do an ollie. I obviously couldn’t, but that got me hooked.
If that was the hook, what keeps you going back?
I like how free skating is. No one is telling you what to do you, you can do what you feel like, and there’s always room for improvement.
Street Heat is coming up – how many times have you competed in the past?
This will be my fourth time.
Now’s your chance to brag – ever made it to the podium?
I won it once – and came third another time.
What does it take to win?
You just need to do your run well, or land the best trick. You just need a lot of luck (laughs).
It can’t all be for the glory though, what’s it like competing and what’s the vibe down there on the day?
It’s a lot of fun. There’s lots of nice people and you’ll see some crazy skating. It’s good vibes. Heaps of people come, even non-skaters rock up just to watch. It’s really cool.
Skating will be part of the next Olympics – have you got your sights set that high?
I don’t think it’s achievable for me but I’m excited to watch it. Some people like those drama shows, but that doesn’t appeal to me, I like watching competitions. 
Is that so you can get some ideas for tricks to try yourself?
There’s some I can work towards. I can downgrade their trick and try to do it on a smaller scale. Like, if they flip in to a trick, I can try to do a regular ollie in to it.
Good luck!

Street Heat SAT 14 SEP | 3-6PM | JINGILI SKATE PARK | FREE |

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