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Pet First Aid

WE ALL LOVE OUR PETS, but would you know what to do if your beloved furry friend got injured?

If you want to learn how to help your fur baby when they’re injured, City of Darwin’s Animal Policy and Education Officer Angie Heriot can help! She’s running a pet first aid workshop these school holidays, so we caught up to have a quick yarn about it.
Our pets are very special to us – this workshop is a great idea. What can those attending expect?
We’ll teach participants how to bandage their pets and go over how we treat small cuts and abrasions. We’ll also chat about responsible pet ownership, like having correct identification, and I’ve got some stuffed toy dogs we can practice microchipping on.
I’ll also go through vaccinations and some of the common illnesses that can affect animals if they’re not vaccinated.
How did you end up in your role?
I studied vet nursing and did a bit of science work, and also did a lot of internships overseas working with lots of different species. I never thought policy was a space I would get in to!
So, besides being a vet or a vet nurse, there are other careers out there animal lovers can get in to?
There sure are! There are jobs working in research, looking at specific disease control of animals, and policy development, like me.
Who should come to the workshop?
Anyone that has an animal and cares – they don’t have to be domestic animals either!
Pet First Aid TUE 1 OCT | 9.30AM-12.30PM | CASUARINA LIBRARY | FREE |
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